Thursday, January 29, 2009

Roller Antics

Tonight I had a lot of work to do, a grant proposal first, and once that was finished and submitted, I had to prepare my lab presentation for tomorrow morning.

Before starting in on the lab presentation, I decided to take a breather and have some fun since I've been working more or less since 8AM straight. Did I want to do a normal 20 minute spin to loosen my legs? I decided to mix things up, since I wasn't really looking for a workout I decided to make a video of myself on the rollers doing some of the tricks I've been practicing. 

So here it is. 

-Getting on without a support
-No Hands
-One Leg
-Standing Up
-No Hands One Leg
-No Hands One Leg Clipping Back In

Let me know what you think. Also what other skills and tricks should I work on?

Next skills to work on:
-Removing Shoes
-Dismount Triathlon Style

The video was a little rushed, although I said I was procrastinating for a little bit, I still felt like I should get back to work sooner than later. Had I put in more effort I could have made it better, but for tonight, I think this was fine.

I'm not all to sure why it cut out so quickly at the end there. I did the other leg as well and then came over to turn off the video but I must still not be good at this whole youtube thing because it cut the video about 30 seconds short. Oh well, I didn't really say anything new.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, last week a fellow triathlete from North Van, Meyrick Jones who I've referenced a few times in my blog got a sponsorship from Lululemon and as a result he held a contest for one of two jacket/sweaters (wow lots of hyperlinks). And I won! This was pretty exciting news this morning, a little cheer me upper in the middle of my research. I've never actually met Meyrick but a few of my friends have and say he's a pretty nice guy, and so next week I'll be meeting him, I'm pretty excited. It will be nice to finally meet the person I've been reading about and put a face to the name.
Anyways, back to the lab book. I will be ready for when this weekend finally comes.


Derek WL said...

You killed it!
You rockstar, you!

don said...

Totally impressed dude! Those rollers freak me out.

Nick Gottfried said...

Look at that silly flag behind you....jeez....just kinding. I envy your rollers. Nice 5k tt. It's always great to watch the time drop-off as the year goes on.

Vincent said...

I love the rollers, I encourage them a lot. I found with a trainer that after the first couple rides the novelty wore off and I didn't really care much. Whereas with the rollers the better you get on them, the more comfortable you are and therefore making it easier and more enjoyable to go long.

rebecca said...

you are a nerd.

to try next: pick up a bottle from the floor - you might need to move out of the hallway for that one.

Ulyana said...

You make it look so easy!!!! I can't for the life of me ride standing up. After watching your video, I'm going to make it a point to learn to!

Vincent said...

Takes a lot of practice, my first few times I fell simply trying to stay straight. What I've noticed is that the big change comes with confidence, once you have it, you no longer throw your weight around when trying to correct mistakes.

Good luck though, biking is so much fun once you get comfortable with it. Don't get me wrong, I still love running and grudgingly appreciate swimming, but biking has a liberating aspect to it, maybe its the little kid sense of adventure that comes out, being able to travel further than ever before that just can't be matched with the other sports.

luke said...

Sweet video and blog - try this one

Shave in a Moustache while on the Rollers

Tanis said...