Thursday, January 22, 2009

Masterful Meal Creation!

Yum Yum Yum

Two days ago I was making one of my staple meals, pierogies but decided to try and spice them up a little bit. Not knowing exactly how I was going to achieve this I started looking through the fridge. Lo and behold I had leftover taco meat from a fantastic Taco Fiesta I hosted on Sunday night.

So I boiled the pierogies, and when it came to the frying point I threw them into a wok with the taco meat and onions. Yum Yum Yum!

As you can see by my thumbs up, I approve. 1000 Calories of deliciousness.

I often try and do this, mix and match my meals, one time I had just made bacon and was making pierogies for lunch the next day. Deciding since they were Bacon flavored pierogies, I would fry them up in a thin layer of bacon grease. Although delicious for the first one, as they cooled the bacon grease started to congeal making them slimy and gross. I don't recommend. The thought of what was happening inside my body was frightening.

At least taco pierogies is one for the success books.


MJ said...

You're killing me with this one.... you couldn't have saved this post till I was finished my cleanse?

Vincent said...

Oh man, completely didn't think of that.

It was actually all your post about food which made me think of writing one as well. Never thought about the consequence.

Hope the cleanse is going well. Good luck with it!

Rob said...

Looks like you fed the warrior