Thursday, January 22, 2009


Training today was fairly simple, hour swim followed by an easy run this evening. Unfortunately I noticed a small pain in my knee on Monday which is what led to the Training In Fear post. Having skipped the run last night because my Aunt and Uncle were in town and we went to dinner, I had hoped that any pain in my knee would be gone with 2 full days recovery.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case. I got about 1km into my run today, and noticed the pain in exactly the same spot. Although I would refer to this pain as "mild" since it was exactly the same as Monday I figured it was better not to try my luck and call it a day. On that note, I will be scaling down my run workouts. I think jumping into this half marathon training may have been a little much. 

What's annoying about this is that I spent all afternoon preparing for this run, eating well, hydrating, even shuffled my work schedule around to be able to make it, and only got 1km out before turning back. BOO!

On another note. My run coach from MTC, Richard MacKenzie sent out a few weeks ago a training log. My roommate upon seeing this really liked the idea and decided to mimic the exact same thing on google documents. That way he can access it from wherever. I've copied suit and now you can all track my progress as it goes, since I'm often late putting up my training mileage.

Two ways of checking, you can either keep referring to this post and clicking HERE. Or at the very top of the main page of the blog, there is my training mileage and underneath says DETAILS. Click that and it will bring you right to my spreadsheet. I will ask you not to input your own data though because I haven't figured out how to make it view only. If for whatever reason you accidentally hit something. Don't worry, I've got it all backed on my computer anyways. So enjoy! And feel free to copy it for yourselves as well. To do so, simply click File, Save as Copy and give it your own title.

Talk to you later, time for some reading and then sleep.


Derek WL said...

Sorry to hear about your knee man!
I hope it gets better! I've had a twinge in my right knee from all the skateboarding I think. Might have to cut back.
Hasn't bothered me while running yet, but who knows :(
See you tomorrow hopefully!

Rib said...

V-UNIT, spreadsheet doesn't load for me, I think you can change a setting so that anyone can view it but not modify. word.

Nick Gottfried said...

I gotta get in my 1hr weights. Though it is kinda sad...1 poor little, lonely hour of weights. I need to improve on that. What part are you relaying for the UBC tri?