Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I had somewhat of a first today, or at least a first in a very long time. A friend of mine, Choppy Somjee (Chops) is a physical trainer, and is focusing his expertise in the field of triathlon. I met Choppy this summer as I was traveling the West Coast with his girlfriend Jody. Once we met the three of us became the triathlon trio who travelled to races together ripping up the Subaru series. This afternoon he agreed to give me a training program of gym exercises geared towards my weaknesses. 

Weaknesses? What? I have none! 

Well Chops would disagree with me, we discovered that I am heavily quad loaded, meaning what? That my quads do all the load bearing without any help from my glutes and hamstrings. We must have done 4-5 exercises before finally finding one that activated my hamstrings. Result of which, Chops has given me some drills that will be bringing the pain. 

On top of this, he has also given me a few to strengthen my back in order to hopefully fix my posture a little bit. I didn't mention this much but one of my new years resolutions was to straighten out my back and to have general better posture.  Hopefully some of these targeted workouts will help out with this.

I unfortunately don't know his professional contact information yet, however, if you hadn't guessed SupaMotion Fitness is Choppy's company that is ever expanding across the Greater Vancouver Area. You'll be hearing about him and the company a lot more through me and I'm sure the active (Triathlon) community. He is in the progress of changing his website so some of the links aren't up. I'm really excited about the prospect of incorporating this type of training into my workouts. We both agreed that this is the area of my training which is seriously lacking and holds the most potential for progress! I'll be sure to keep you all updated on how it goes.

I know I talked it over with my roommate Rob Eso and he agreed, gym workouts could really benefit us both.

First gym workout is on Thursday, LEGS! 

Bringing on the pain.


MJ said...

I did a tri coaching course with Choppy a few months ago. Great guy.

Robert Eso said...

dammit, that is a two days in a row you have gotten me

Vincent said...