Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bike Commuting On The Bus

I very much like the Vancouver Transit System because all buses can accommodate bikes allowing you to take the bus home on those days with really crappy weather. I was going to describe these racks but instead I came across this great instructional video posted on bikesnobnyc earlier today.

Hope you enjoy.

A real post will be up later today or tomorrow.


Tanis said...

Awesome video. Do you really attach your bus to the outside of the bus? That's wild! Aren't you worried it's going to fall off?

Vincent said...

originally I was a little bit, not so much that it would fall off but that the side to side swaying of the bike couldn't be good for the wheels, but then I got over that. I wouldn't put my good wheels on it or anything though

Patrick Waters said...

Best 80 seconds I've had today. Thanks Vince!

Ulyana said...

haha! a song's worth a thousand words, right?