Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Outdoor ride of 2009

Yesterday I woke up tired and satisfied with simply staying in bed ALL day. Deciding this wasn't the best plan I dragged myself out of bed in time to make it to my first outdoor ride with the UBCTC of 09.

The ride planned to Saturday was an easy out and back to Iona with some TT efforts once we got there. The sun sadly wasn't out, but the weather was decent enough provided you dressed accordingly which I did.

I rode cautiously because of my leg, I can still feel the tightness where I did in September, however, I'm hoping that the new stretches I got from physio may help with this.

I followed the ride with a solid core workout. I can tell already from the two days that I'm leaning the balance for some of the exercises which is making them a lot easier. Lets just hope I don't get the 48 hour set in of stiffness. I'm feeling a little tight today but otherwise alright.

Warning: Boring paragraph with pace times.

This morning (Sunday), was started off with the typical swim at the pool, surprisingly there were very few people there. Normally the Sunday swims are fairly big (20-25 people), today only 5 others in the pool. Must be midterms. As a result of this I got a whole lane to myself which I think is what led to the slow pace I was going the entire practice. Not too pleased with my effort 6:45 for 400 "Hard" (I normally go 6:00ish) I decided to really push it on the last set which was 4X100. I was looking over my training log from last summer and I did a similar set 5X100 which I went 1:22-1:18 for the 5. Today I wanted to match that. I started off well, 1:21, but then slipped to 24 and 25, but finished strong with 1:19 which I was satisfied with.

Sorry that was a really boring paragraph, I normally try and skip that type, but I felt like mentioning the 100's at the end.

The afternoon was spent hanging out with friends at lunch and then coming home and preparing for an easy run. My roommate got a Garmin 305 and said I could try it out. Off I went. It was fun running with my pace time. I discovered that my ideal cruising pace is in and around 4:40-45 with a heart rate in and around 155-165. Check out the graphs!

I did a short surge for km 9, which you can see matches with the heart rate spike. (Speed is blue, heart rate is red). You can click on the photo to enlarge. I'm not all too sure why my speed was jumping all over the place at the beginning there, and I definitely didn't spike up to 25km/h, but overall its pretty accurate. 

It was nice having my pace times there, I am seriously considering getting one myself. They are on sale right now at Cosco for 219$.

What I liked is you can also get all the splits. See!

It also overlays a map with where you ran. Pretty cool I think.

This is a toy I'm definitely going to use once or twice more for sure.

Thats pretty much it for today. I am doing day 2 of that cycling test tomorrow morning so wish me luck!

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Ulyana said...

That's excellent pace and heart rate! I have Forerunner 301. I definitely love it. It's kind of bulky, though. The 305 version is smaller. My wrists are too small for the 305 version, so I decided to buy the 301 and wear it on my arm above my elbow (and save some $$). You should buy the forerunner online... you can get a brand new one for much cheaper than that.