Sunday, February 22, 2009

Boulder Day 1

Day 1 in Boulder

Last night was pretty relaxed, we went to a bar called Mountain Sun. The food was alright, the beer was really good (It’s stout month so they had a whole bunch of fancy unheard of types) but the service was terrible. We had to wait a really long time to be seated (so long that we actually went next door for a round and nachos before being seated. We pretty much just hung out there and then got to bed fairly early in preparation for a big day. 

Waking up we made a feast of eggs and toast to the tunes of I’m on a boat and promontory mixed in with a little of anything else we could find on my computer. After a leisurely morning we headed out to Target to look around before starting a hike. Kelly and Will tried to get me to buy this shirt

but I decided that I couldn’t. Instead Will and I both made a pretty sweet purchase. It will be a little hard to explain where we got them, but I thought that for 9$ it was a pretty good find.

I also got a pair of boxers with Bikes on them, but I figure you guys don’t need to see a photo of me in those, not yet at least.

Check out Will, he's pretty badass!

After this we went on a hike to Chautaqua Park. The hike wasn’t exceptionally rigorous, however, it was pretty icy at parts and a lot of fun.

This is how far we made it before someone started complaining (It was me),

 and this is how far we made it before Kelly stopped laughing at my and Wills jokes, and when she denied Will a kiss (they're dating). We were parked at that car just down the way.

Notable moments during the trip:


The Views

The Jokes

Will Dribbling Pee on his shoes (PHOTO DOCUMENTATION)

The Peeps:

A video which very well depicts our hike 

The hike was fun, the weather was fantastic and as you can see I started off in just my vest and a t-shirt. I actually made it all the way up dressed just like that, it was only when we stopped to take photos that I got cold. Roughly 3 hours later and a whole slew of photos later we made it back to the car. The rest of the night was spent making dinner, eating cake and watching the movie “Get Smart”. I’m not usually one for Steve Carel’s movies, but I found this one to be quite funny. We also sampled a local beer, Left Hand (we got a variety pack) and it was really good, I especially liked their Milk Beer, apparently it has lactose in it so some people may not like it, but it had a really great flavor.

For dinner we made a pasta dish that was made for me by a friend last week. It was really simple and good. What you do is;

Cook broccoli, coli flour, and cherry tomatoes in the oven with Olive Oil and Vinaigrette.

Boil Pasta

Then once everything is cooked, add prosciutto cheese and spinach and your ready to go. It wasn’t as good tonight as last week, but still filled me up.

Now, its almost bed time, and we are waking up early to do the race in the morning. During the hike I wasn’t really noticing the altitude, maybe I won’t during the run either. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

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x-ine said...

Hey Vince -

Love the t-shirt! I can't believe you found it in Colorado!
Also - did you notice the Arts building at McGill in Get Smart?

Enjoy the rest of your trip! :)