Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big Training Day

Definitely my most challenging day of 2009 so far (5k TT a distant second). The day started off with my cycling maximum effort test, since I've already described that I'll simply summarize and say it was hard.

This was followed up with some casual lab time, and then once I had gotten enough of a "day" done I escaped to go swimming. Nothing particularly exciting about this, just a solid 1 hour swim, we did a kick set, it hurt so bad after this mornings workout. I rushed out of the pool and skipped my favorite part of the workout, social hot tubbing it afterwards, oh well. I had to meet Choppy because he was finishing my workout plan. Last time we went over legs and today we finished it off with a good list of core exercises to do. I'll describe this gym workout in more detail another time because that could be a post all of its own. 

I left this workout where we discussed Chops newest business move, he recently bought into the franchise Survival Bootcamp and now is the owner of a piece of the franchise (I don't think this is how it is described but you get the point). So thats really exciting for him.

Coming home I was famished, food was a necessity and was quickly devoured. I recovered for a few hours and then joked with my roommate for a while about how he needs to get a powertap for his bike. 

Deciding to follow my workout plan to a T, I finished the day off with an easy run. The purpose of this was twofold, first, allowing me to keep true to my half marathon training, and second to flush out my legs from this mornings cycling test.

All in all was a good day, I'm feeling pretty good right now, I think I managed nutrition pretty well for a day like today.

Here it is:

Cycling Test 30 minutes
Swim 1 hour
Gym 45 minutes
Run 45 minutes

2009, I've begun.


Lilia Lavallee said...

your insane!

Anonymous said...

What are you training for this year?


Vincent said...

I'm more or less going to be racing the same races as last year.


all half iron, and this year instead of doing the vancouver half iron I will make it a sprint, I found those three weeks in a row to be too much for me.

also I may consider another fall marathon, but that would depend on my running, I only want to race it if I will be significantly faster.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with all your training and racing!!