Saturday, June 6, 2009

Excruciating Saturday Ride

Long ride today. Started early this morning leaving my place at 8 after a late night celebrating a birthday on my way to meet people at McDonald and 4th. 

Swearing to myself as I rode along coming up with excuses for why I was late after having giving everyone such a hard time to ensure they were on time. Just repeating the words in my head, "If your not there by 8:15 we are leaving without you!"

As I roll up to the gas station there is no one to be seen. Surely someone must have waited, I'm only 3 minutes late. Teaches me. I decide despite my tardiness to give a few members of the group ride a call.

Rider 1... no answer. shoot! Must already be on the ride.

Rider 2... answers! But is feeling sick and isn't coming on the ride. 

Rider 1... no answer once again, hmmm. Rider 3 (whose number I don't have) was meeting rider 1 so no way of reaching him.

I decided to try and catch up if I can. Off I go, hammering around English Bay to Stanley Park. Finally reach the Lions Gate and cross and hear my phone ringing, Rider 1. STILL IN BED! oh Geez. thanks guys. At least Rider 1 was getting on his bike and going to try and catch up and meet me. 

So I embark on a long solo ride decided no problem. Off to Deep Cove. I had a few new routes I had read about from MJ and Jeremy, so decided a solo discovery mission was in the cards. There was a brutal headwind the whole way out do Deep Cove. After 50km and a few adventures rider 1 meets up with me and I show him Indian River rd and I do it for the second time.

Rider 1 (Andrew), and I ride another 30k and he splits off heading back to UBC. He only wanted an 80k ride and I pushed him up to 100. I on the other hand was doing 140-150k. He takes off and heads over the bridge and I continue on to Horseshoe Bay. This is where trouble begins. Tailwind the whole way out. I turn around and feel the pressure. 

I'm now 110km into my ride. The pain is building. Should I stop? Nah, its just a nagging pain, I can push through it and make it home. 

Every little roller is building. Its becoming unbearable. I reach Stanley park, only 15km to go. The pain passes, and now I'm in the city. Every bump on the road just killing me. I'm trying to block the pain out of my mind but its all I can think about. Cornwall street with all the cracks is just torture. 

Finally get rolling well, I'm only a 1500m hill away from home. The urge to pull over is unbelievable. Green light go, go, go... NO! Red light. I have to stop, can I keep going. I need to. Push push push, 140... 141... FINALLY 142 km up the hill. No more lights no more stops, no more cracks. Now just to find my keys. Fumbling in my pockets. Enter my house and finally the pain that has been haunting me for the last 30km in relieved.



Nick Gottfried said...

solid mileage...You're going to have to show me these routes sometime this summer.

MJ said...

I think I would probably stop to pee if I had 5km to go... let alone 30. That's impressive retention.

Hope you enjoyed Indian RIver Rd....


don said...

The need to pee is such a strong motivator!

Missy said...

When pee becomes painful and you actually smile when you're THAT is a real pee. Elation!

Riding long solo builds character.

Facundo said...

Too funny! I would have stopped in Stanley Park, no lack of trees up there...