Sunday, June 14, 2009

White Rock 10k and Weekend Update

Yikes, way behind!

I'll start by recapping last weekend I guess. After the long ride Saturday (142k) I had a pretty relaxing afternoon. Went to the beach for a BBQ nearly entirely filled with meat and watched Facundo consume something in the range of 5000 calories worth of cookies. Following this went to see the movie The Hangover, really funny! And then got started on packing. I was leaving the next day for a biochem retreat (SUPER COOL!) in the afternoon but had to trop off my stuff early the next morning because I was going to bike there. 

To mix things up I decided to run a 10k down in White Rock Sunday morning with Claire from the UBCTC.

The course profile shows it being a net downhill, however, don't be fooled, the fact that it went downhill was countered by the fact that it had a few quite steep pitches which slowed you down a bunch.

Without knowing how my legs were going to feel after Saturday I decided to throw caution to the wind and just run.

Without further ado, here are the splits.


Total 37:36 (9 seconds off PB) Good for 2nd in my Age Group.

I'll take that. It has me really motivated to show up to a 10k on fresh legs and see what I could do.

After the race I went home and puttered for far too long and then suddenly realized I had 56km of city riding, a shower and get changed and just about 2 hours of city riding to do it before the first talk. Oops. Off I went hammering as hard as I could. Somehow, I managed to get to the retreat with 15 minutes to spare and just needed to get cleaned up. But then the last route to the camp was on deep gravel road and I was stuck waiting at the gate. Believe me, I wasn't too happy. These details weren't in the instructions, and after running a hard 10k the last thing I wanted was to ride a hard 56k. 

I was a little frustrated with myself. I called all my friends who should have already been there. No one had service. This wasn't good because I was stranded at the gate. The first speaker at the retreat (keynote speaker) was a Professor who works right across the hall from me. Great, showing up to his talk God knows how late. 

Well to my surprise up he drove in a station wagon and pulls up asking me if I need a lift. I asked him "weren't you supposed to be talking?" he simply replied that every year on the way he gets lost.

I managed to get changed and in to the talk before he even began talking.

After 2 days,  lots of science talks and far too much drinking and late nights I started riding back. This time significantly slower than on the way out. The ride was fairly uneventful except for the large bird who decided to deposit a nice little gift on my forearm (gross) but fortunately I was next to a gas station so just cleaned it up. 

My little sister was then in town visiting, however, she decided to stay in White Rock at her friends for the night. Since that meant I had a free Tuesday night, what did I get to do? GO INTO LAB! I feel asleep many times at my desk but did save myself a lot of time on Wednesday.

Thats about it. After that my sister was in town but that will be another post.

Hopefully one of these days I'll catch up.

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Ulyana said...

NICE weekend! 2nd place after 142k ride the day before? Freakin' awesome.