Thursday, June 18, 2009

SON OF A B#%$@!

So I've got some bad news pertaining to my biggest race of the year, the Victoria International Half Ironman taking place this weekend.

I brought in my bike to get a tune up on Tuesday, expecting to get it back Thursday or worst case scenario Friday. Well, last night I got a call from the shop telling me that my shifter for my rear derailer wasn't working. Apparently it would shift up but not down. Strange, it worked fine when I brought it in. So that sucks, then they take no blame for any of it and tell me it will be 300$ to fix. So much for a 60$ tune up. I still have to go in and talk with the owner. I won't go on a rant until the whole process is over and done with to judge how they handled it. 

Bad news being, even if they fix the shifter, the bike won't be functional until next Tuesday. SHIOOT!

This isn't good, seeing as how I have a race Sunday. 

FORTUNATELY, I have a new toy that may come in handy. Check it out, I made a little video about it. Make sure your sound is on. 

Its SO PRETTY! I just got it last night. Mike and Chris brought it down for me from Kelowna!!! MJ, after much deliberation, I finally decided on a bike! 

I'll have more photos and details of how it rides after the weekend. The crummy news it that, I have so far ridden a total of 0km! Whats that saying about never try anything new on race day?

My main concern isn't so much for my performance, I'm sure I'll be able to do fine on the new bike, probably even better than fine. Its just I'm worried about injury. Since I haven't gotten used to the bike, there will be a lot of little stabilizer muscles that could get tweaked and very unhappy with me. 

Thankfully, Noa Deutsch has come to the rescue. She did a bike fit for me earlier this season (which I just realized I haven't written about but thought I had), and it was fantastic. So she is giving me an emergency bike fit Saturday morning before the race. 

Hopefully all goes to plan.

Pre race thoughts to be posted tomorrow. There may be a lot of mistakes in this post but my computer battery is nearly dead and I have lent the plug to a friend for the night.



elspeth said...

HUUUUUUGE... dork.
Nice bike thoughé :)

don said...

OOOOH! Bike Porn Supreme!

Jeremy Hopwood said...

don't trey anything new on race unless it will make you super fast!!!

fun way to debut the new toy. C u on the island

Missy said...

Did you sleep with your new bike last nite?! Very fun stuff, love new gear. Sunday, eh, you'll be fine...probably better than fine and kicking some arse!

Tanis said...

The bike looks like a really streamlined bumble bee, good job Vince. I love that you're adding a little extra drama to race day! Good luck! Just be sure to stretch before and after the race and I'm sure you'll be fine ;)

runninggunner said...

Sweet Ride!! Have a great race this weekend.

Vincent said...

Missy, thought you might like this

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice bike porn you've been making...

Way to upgrade your stuff. You'll be flying this weekend.

Good luck!

Facundo said...

Hey vince, good luck with the new bike! I have not been able to see the video as I am at work, but I am sure it is awesome!

Since you are not used to the bike, dont risk injury pushing 100% and have a killer run instead!

MJ said...

Nice machine.... you should thank that mechanic for giving you the push you needed to shell out for a new ride!

I see some low bike splits in your future!