Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Baby?

Could this be my new baby? 

I need to try one out on the road, unfortunately I didn't have time to in Kelowna while I was there. Does anyone know of a shop that has a small and medium in stock? I feel faster already.

A full weekend update will be up later in the week.


Danielle, Adrian and Xavier said...

If you ever come out this way, there's a really nice new shop in Pointe Claire Village that has them.

Chloe said...

Ah! I hope you find your baby and make it your own!

Derek WL said...

I hope you can find one boyo!

I'm back from Le Frenchtown of Canada and back to training for 3 days before I head to Edmonton for Commonwealths!

If you update yours I'll update mine ;)

RunnerDude said...

Damn, that's one sharp bike! Find one yet?

Jeremy Hopwood said...

try dizzy cycles on Broadway - my chiro (http://www.drcarlacupido.com/) sponsors a team from there (Specialized Elite) so I am picking they are a good bet.

Jeremy Hopwood said...

FYI dizzy's are on 4th near burrard not broadway. Bike gallery also stocks specialized as well

Facundo said...


Search Vancouver and it will show alllll the places that have Specialized. Just call them up and ask. I think Dizzy has one of the largest stocks of bikes, but no TT bikes (they can order them though)

Vincent said...

thanks guys, I'll give those a look.

Dizzy doesn't stock them but can order, however, there is a place, John Henry in North Van stocks them. I'll check them out there.

Off to North Van tonight.