Monday, June 29, 2009


Pretty fun day today. After a solid 9.5 hour sleep last night. AWESOME. I woke up and strolled into lab. Surprisingly I was one of the first ones there (must have been a lazy Monday because I wasn't early), and managed to get in a solid days work in. Today just flew by, I was running HPLC for anyone who knows that, which meant I got a lot of breaks which I filled with running around chatting with people. Good times.

Wrapping up the day managed to make it to the VOWSA swim and wow was this an experience. Typically Vancouver waters are calm and kinda boring to swim in. Not tonight. I was just tossed around going over sometimes 4-5 foot swells. It was fantastic. I'm guessing my arms will be feeling it tomorrow. It was funny though, people that I can't normally keep up with on calm days I was actually leading today. I guess its my lack of technique and bank on power strokes that got me through it. I kinda hope its like this for the Vancouver Half in two weeks. Although it will mean slower times. I feel it will really spread out the field a lot more and I'll have the advantage over the weaker swimmers strong bike/runners.

To follow this up. Lululemon puts on free yoga sessions on Monday nights at 8. Perfect timing to go from the open water swim, 6:30-7:30 and change and walk up the street to yoga.

My friend Kendra has been trying to get me to go for a while now, and tonight decided I would take her up on it. All around it was a good time. It wasn't the best stretching I could have done in an hour, but was definitely more than I WOULD have done otherwise. I think I'll keep going week after week. The hardest part was that I was so hungry after the swim. I'll have to bring food next time.

That it, heading to bed and hoping to get another big day in tomorrow before having Wednesday off for Canada Day. WOO!


MJ said...

Come on over for the Canada Day swim at Batchelor Bay.... you can park your bike at my house if you need to ride here... (don't know if you have a car...)


Missy said...

Yay for Canada Day...a day off is always goood! I think I'll take it off in honor of yous guys - do you think my employer will buy it?

Be careful with yoga and food, bad grumbly guts and gas, just sayin.

don said...

The VOWSA swim reminded me of IM CdA. Lots o choppy goodness.

Tanis said...

I'm glad you had such a nice day. Good job going to yoga.

Ulyana said...

YAY! It takes a bit to get used to yoga stretching, but it's so worth it!