Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Food Love/Hate Relationship

This is why I love/hate being a triathlete. Yesterday after 3.5 hours of training (1.25 hour swim/2.5 hour ride) I got home and was obviously very hungry. So I threw together some pasta, mixed with alfredo sauce and some broccoli and was good to go. 

Now although it looks like two place settings, no I am not seeing anyone. I simply laid out my food on two plates to demonstrate the sheer volume. It takes me 30 minutes to eat and when I'm finished, an hour later I notice myself roaming around the house searching for more snacks. 

In these photos there is a full large head of broccoli, a full jar of alfredo sauce, and 1 pound of dry pasta. YUM! Add to that 1L of milk and we have ourselves an awesome meal.

Hey D-Rock, thats you in the background!

You might think this is fantastic being able to eat all this without worrying about my weight and all, but think of it the other way. If I don't get this much in. I'm just constantly hungry all day.

Weekends are even worse 5-6 hour ride mixed with some swimming or running. Leads to 3500-4000 calories burned during the day. Means you have a 6000 calorie day to make up in food. Try it one day. I guarantee you'll find it hard, especially when eating semi healthy.

On that note, off to lunch!


Rob said...


Ulyana said...

The new blog photo is SWEET!

And, yes, I notice how little I eat when I don't train. I begin to miss food. Well, that's being corrected right now.

chris mcpeake said...

Looks good. Great blog

A-Russ said...

dude, i feel your pain. I go thru 1kg of Peanut Butter and 1kg of Honey routinely in 8-9 days.

That looks like a good meal, i'll have to try that one.