Monday, July 6, 2009

Erich's Odyssey Part 4/5

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Day 5

1.5hr bike, 2km run immed after, 1.5k open water swim, 90s night at the bar.
Days till: 6

I think, if I concentrate hard enough, I can vaguely feel one or two running muscles. The beginning stages of adaptation. Just in time? Nope, way too late!

Day 6
I need this.

Training day 7:
1hr bike, 3km swim
4 days to go!

My strategy for this race has gone through several revisions lately. First, it was draft off the other guys like there is no tomorrow on the bike. Well, apparently drafting is illegal. Fuck. Next up was the strategy of going hard for as long as possible to keep up with them aka the "balls to the wall" method. I learnt my lesson last friday. The lesson is: that can and will only end badly.
After my day off I think I've come across the perfect strategy. Flawless and nearly foolproof in it's simplicity. Lower my expectations. Or as I like to say, set the bar low so that one can step over it!

Day 8:
40 min bike, 6km run
3 days to go... just like a boat, this shit's fo real!!!

Taper time. ooooooo yeeeah. After all the hard training, then endless miles, the gruelling workouts I've endured alone for the past, oh lord how long has it been?... Oh that's right, for the past week, there's still nothing like taper time. Puts that extra lil' spring in your step.

Also being introduced today: the carb load. And let me tell you, I can carbo load with the best of em. At the moment I'm so full of pasta, ice cream and strawberry shortcake I'm reduced to waddling like a duck around the house. Now this is some training I can get used to!

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