Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vancouver Half Iron Pre Race

Not too much to say here today. I'm going in with the same goals as always. Hopefully the bike will work out better this time and I won't fall apart in the last 20k. I've got about 400km on my new bike since the last race, should be plenty to be used to it by now.

Energy has been low all week, but hoping that once the race kicks up I'll forget about that.


Swim sub 28. Depends a lot on the water conditions, wavy vs current vs wind.

Its a long transition, so I want T1 to be under 1:30. T2 to be under 45.

Bike is long, 93k last year I was burnt out by this point after 3 races. Hopefully I can go 2:35 which would be 36kph. Probably a little fast but sub 2:40 for sure.

Want to be on the run by 3:05 Ideally, but will be happy with anything under 3:10. Leaving me 1:26 (4:10/km) for the run.

Total time 4:36.

Who knows, we will see. A lot depends on the weather. It is a very windy course on the bike which could help a lot or be killer. And the heat on the run could be a deciding factor as well.

Wish me luck!


Erich10 said...

Pretty much right on your goal times, good job. It's almost like you know yourself or something crazy like that....

stevo said...

looks like you had a good one too dude. congrats. Canada is next on the plate for me.