Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Jerseys

I need a vote, the UBCTC is making jerseys for next year. Leave in the comments section what you think of these templates. What you like, what you don't like, and why if you can.


Click the photo to enlarge because you can't see some of the details otherwise.
I've eliminated 5 and 7 from the vote.


MJ said...

I like 1 and 6 because they are predominantly white... white is nice in the summer and pretty "hot" right now.

2 and 3 are nice in a retro sort of way.

Don't enjoy 4 and 5 because of the bleeding colour...

7 - my least favourite by far.

8. Not too bad - but that's a lot of yellow.

I had some jerseys made last year with the #1 layout and I was really happy with them. You can see them in action here:

See you at the race tomorrow. Cheers,


Tanis said...

I like number 8 because it's futuristic and looks fast.

Jeremy Hopwood said...

Gotta go retro. I would pick n0 3, will age really well over the years and hoops on the arms look stylish.

Other comments -
1 - Unless its a canucks style flying v I don't dig it
2 - Lacks a little bit of defintion (Poor cousin of 3)
3- My Vote
4 - Did it get wet in the wash and the colors run!!!!
6 - Looks like the sides are on fire and gradually burning to the top. Wouldn't suit all body shapes that well
8 - If this was for the star trek racing team maybe. To much going on in this baby. Something I would expect to see at the Sugoi clearance sale.

RunningLaur said...

8! Go big or go home. :)

iRuniFly said...

Number 8. I like the yellow and it looks fast.

Derek WL said...

3 or 8.
I'm a fan of either! 8 kinda reminds me of the Rabobank template, and those are pretty much my favorite jerseys in general.


Ulyana said...

1 or 8. 1 is simple, 8 has a cool design, but it might be too yellow as Meyrick points out.