Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hey, really quick update. I'm finally on vacation. I'm currently sitting in my kitchen in Beaconsfield Quebec!

I took the red eye last night and just arrived a few hours ago, its hot and sticky in Montreal but pretty nice at the same time.

I have a lot of plans for my visit. First, simply seeing everyone is going to be a task. Lots to do between now and Friday.

One item of excitement for the triathlon world, I have challenged my old tri club to a mountain TT tonight on Mount Royal going up Camillien Houde. My personal record is 5:20, however, the club record set a few years ago by Richard MacKenzie is 5:03. Riding on my old bike I'm going to try and break that tonight.

Anyways, I'll update with how things are going when I have more time. But for now, some breakfast and a nap!

If you want to reach me while I'm in Montreal send me an e-mail at

vlavallee @ gmail . com

I'll be checking fairly regularly.


Tanis said...

Hey! What about your exciting plans to help your big sister move!? You didn't think that was worth blogging about?

Missy said...

Best of luck on that TT! MTB's scare me.

Anonymous said...


Derek WL said...

Trust me, it wasn't easy to train! But things are going fantastic over hereeeee! Been running and riding my face off, and I just started swimming with Simon/Brent and the rest of the National Training Center guys., and I'm getting my ass handed to me! But they seem to want me around.

I got a job at running room as well which I'm stoked about, since I'm getting a LITTLE sick of lifeguarding. It'll be somewhat relevant to tris as well, so that's sick!

Hope the vacay is going really well my friend!
Talk soon!